Who dreams and why? Questions already answered by many actually.

Desires of our waking life, left over, unfulfilled. Contortions of our thought process and ego that are left twisted, and unsolved.

I have been dreaming a lot more recently. Usually lucid and vivid enough to remember, but not long term.

I am no good at deciphering any cause or meaning. I find them enjoyable, as confusing they may be. There is something poetic to the subconscious. It’s less than a literal process and abstract imaging is enough to create desire and passion within itself. What does it mean? What is the meaning of this twisted tongue? Our ego wants to know. Something to ponder, some meaningful message, cryptic, and coded. For what?

Where does our soul play into the dream? Does it not? Could there be a plane on which we rest, our psyche meets eye to eye with our essence? What is one who dreams and what is one who does not dream?

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