Aware the Bliss

Way out on the spectral beaches of the universe, your soul rides a tidal wave of emotions colliding with the earthen soils of my mind. Your presence unearths memories of a past life.

“I know you”. Whispers my soul.

“You’re the one I’ve been looking for”.

Your soul dances on the beaches of this astral plane, swirling, and twirling the beautiful thoughts of my mind below us.

“I know you”, whispers your soul

“We are the same”.

Like the flames of an open fire, deep red like that of the rose, flickers off the aura of your soul.

Touching my mind from above, I feel you are always there. The intricate veins of communication of our lives tie us together by infinity.

What was then, what is to be done, no longer hangs, for the only thing left is to be, and to be alone is not possible.

Through the circle of life and death. I will find you.

“I will always know you”. Whispers my soul as the deep blue flame of my aura licks the air around us.

We are the Earth beneath us that grounds us. We are the air around us that sails us in the only direction we know.

And for others would not know this is our reality, we are insane.

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