What is life?

What is it?

Life is a carbon molecule. Life is the birth of a child. Life is the dandelions sprouting from the Earth. Life is sitting still, breathing. Life is an intelligence, an organism so large. Life is a butterfly blooming from its cocoon. Life helping an elder lady cross a busy intersection. Life is walking a shoreline with your feet in the water. Life is here and now.
When I close my eyes, this is what I imagine life is about. When I open my eyes, I see you looking back at me. This is life. This is water. This is a lightning strike twice in the same place. This is newborn twins. This is my heart beating for you. This is love.
Life is communication. Life is communal. Life without communication is death. The ultimate failure in communication, is death. The soul no longer in communication with the mind, is death. The mind no longer in communication with the body, is death. Death is life. It is not the end. There is no infinite darkness on your journey. There is only life. Life is death.
Believe in the infinite waters, the double helix, the yin, and the yang. Believe in the glory of each breath you take. Believe in the forgiveness of others, of yourself. Believe in love. Believe in life.
Close your eyes and imagine nothing, you can’t. What is it you are imagining? What is it you are dreaming? Life. It is all you know, because that is all that belongs. The universe recycles all energy, and you are pure energy.
Imagine inner peace. Paint a picture in your mind of what inner peace looks like. Close your eyes, slow your heartbeat, let yourself breathe the air, and imagine. Peace of mind.
I imagine a landscape, with a sunset. I see a forest of flowers casting their shadow upon the Earth. I see birds flying over the horizon, and a pond filled with life. I see the Heavens upon the Earth. I feel you there, beside me.
This is love. This is life.

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