“What is reality”?

What is it?

Is the reality of outward existence the sum of an intricate mechanism of the cosmos?

Is the reality we perceive just a hallucination, a hypnotic state, formed by the neurological systems of our mind?

Is reality the artistic working of a brilliant mind, or minds? What is a mind?

Could reality be a hoax like the realities created by Darren Brown? Who is Darren Brown?

The answer is yes.

Reality bends to the will of its creator.

You are the creator. We are creators of worlds.

Have you ever thought about your being as a quantum existence?

What happens when you go to sleep and never wake up?

Or, as Alan Watts puts it, “To have woken up and never have gone to sleep”.

Have you ever pondered what quantum implications your being has created, or will create, just simply by existing?

Try it. It is a next level of anxiety. Haha!

Of course, you will eventually come to the conclusion that ultimately, there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it. Which comes as a relief.

So now that you know this, what are you going to do about it? Haha!

You see, when you are born, and take that first breath, you are forced into a perpetual motion which accelerates without hesitation, and you have no control of it whatsoever!

So, what is reality? It is unspeakable.

Reality has not happened yet.

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