The fog in my mind has left me confused, torn, and lost within myself.

It’s like a glazed pain of solitude within my mind itself. Not a physical pain, or hurt, but a numbness. Emptiness where only true emotion once lived, and loved.

Definitely not as strong as I once was. I was somewhat of a warrior of emotion, and poet of other worlds. I could flow with the air around me, and breathe throughout the Earth beneath my feet.

I’ve reached a point in my life where my soul has become damaged, withered by life, and time. My soul has lost its strength to oversee my mind. My mind that is torn by the dualities of my very nature.

I know that I will pull through. I know because I will. The same time that has maimed my soul, will be the same time that heals.

This cloud of poison will release from my mind, and once again, my vision will return.

Keep your sight true, and your vision clear.

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