Solemn Sky

“Hush”, says the moon

As it casts solemn shadows by my side

Under the moonlight I’m free,

My soul free without a reason to hide

That mask worn by daylight, lifted

Taken off this little pawn

For at night I am a king

By dawn the mask, back on

The whispers in the stars are gentle

So beautifully they lie

As they burn out their last breath

Before they’re taken by the sky

I know it’s out there somewhere

In the vast milky way

I know it’s out there somewhere

It’s probably nothing like what they say

My eyes grow heavy still,

the night goes on

It’s time for the king to kill

This tiny, little pawn

For every night I die

To breathe life into a new

It’s time for me to let go

Maybe you should, too


God is an Alcoholic

“Been there, done that. Bought the T shirt”, is something I heard my parents say often when I was a child.

It was just something they said, until I grew a bit older and started to experience my own mundane, and futile moments.

It’s not even a bad attitude, it’s like a rain cloud on a sunny day that just pisses down on you.

My life is pretty good, I have not much to complain about, except for this brain of mine.  Why must I be sideswiped by the thought of life being pointless?  Why do I think too much? Why does it feel like I’m burned out at 29 years old?

Probably because I am, is the realistic answer.  I suffer from depression, some say.  I’m undergoing a spiritual transformation, others cry.

I’m not sure of any of that.  The nut job with a sign says God will save me.  The doctor with a fat paycheck says drugs will help me.  What exactly is the difference? Choose a form of escapism and stick with it?

To me, it is no wonder alcohol is such a popular substance.

What is the difference between being well, and thinking you are well?  Does it even matter? If  you think you are a good person, you must be a good person, right?

I think about those who don’t think so much, and wonder why? Maybe they are “well” and I am just not.  Possibly, they do not have time to think about life.  Should I just busy myself with these mundane tasks so that I no longer have time to think? Perhaps they have “mental fortitude” like a body guard that can guard them from these intruding thoughts.

My mind is like a leaky faucet. Even when it’s off, it’s still running.

Sometimes I wonder if I think about my life too much, and should think about others more often.  I often wonder, what it is like to be in the shoes of someone else? I wonder what my life would be like if I no longer could walk, or see, or hear,  how I would live my life, and how it would change me.

I often wonder about these things, but nothing changes.  I wake up again, perplexed by the equation of life that drags me down daily.  What am I going to do about it?

A man once asked a monk how he gets through life.  He asked, “How do you do it? How do you get up every day, put your clothes on, and go to work”?  The monk replied, “I get up, put my clothes on, and go to work”. No trickery there, you see.

My dad once asked me, “What would you do if you won a million dollars”? The question seemed silly to me, I wouldn’t do anything.  “I’d give it away, I said”. He didn’t reply. My answer was disappointing, or surprising, I don’t know. He never said much to me anyway – just left me wondering.

Here I am, still wondering.  What did he actually think about that? What would he do if he won a million dollars?  He’s no longer alive for me to ask.

So here I am, clearly thinking too much. So I decided to write it down. A piece of my mind, and many others.

Cheers to those who think too much, and thank you to those who do not.


How to Apply Quantum Mechanics to Your Life + Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart”, they told us as children. “Follow your heart and you shall be happy.”

Well, happiness sounds pretty great to a kid, so they understand. Though as they age, they realize this childish quest for happiness is, childish. They learn that happiness is only temporary. In fact, everything is temporary.

Now, the trick is to do as you are told. That is the first step. Once you learn how to truly follow your heart, you will begin to experience synchronicities in your life. Synchronicities are immense feelings of connections.  Similar to deja vu, you will feel as if you know a person, have been somewhere before, or have experienced something before.  Most importantly, you will feel extremely connected to whatever is causing the synchronicity.

At this point, some may say that we have just switched lingo, but we have not.  We know happiness is only temporary, so we stop pursuing it, and just let it be. Now we know synchronicities are also temporary, because everything is. However, synchronicity is more about the long term.

The more true you are able to stay to your own life, the more you will experience synchronicity.

Now, what does quantum mechanics have to do with following your heart? If you are asking this question –

You need to start from the beginning.


When the stars are brighter than my own vision, I close my eyes.

I close my eyes to see the iridescent glow illuminate the dark landscapes of my mind.

In the silence, I hold on tight and ride the waves of my soul, crashing into reality.

The sea is my soul, my essence.  The beach-tide sands are reality.

The waters, a dreamscape – encapsulating my ever shifting, ever cascading mind.

Along this shore I see a life, and as the waves bring me closer, I never feel further away.

Whose life? What life? I am drifting along this shoreline.

At sea, where I am safe. Where I am free.

I see in my mind – colours that have never been made, songs that have never been sung, a life, that hasn’t begun.

The dark canvas of these tectonic plates is all too illuminating to what really is, what isn’t seen.

How can the sea be?

How can I be?

Though I feel my eyes blooming to the warmth of the rising sun – why is it so hard for me to wake up?

Do I even want to?

Drifting at sea is where I’ll be.

Social Media

This is a sober thought. Not an original thought. Many people feel this way, have expressed so, are aware, and understand.

The internet, like many technologies, was created as a tool with the intentions of bettering our lives, and enriching our lives.

The many positives, among them being:



Information sharing



And closing the gaps of our physical beings


With social media, and exploitation of our psycology, it is apparent that the tool created in which we use, has turned around and is using us.

I’ve personally deleted all social media, and contemplated deleted this WordPress, though I have decided to keep it as it is the lesser of evils.

I think many of us need to take a step back. With the rampant abuse of social media, miseducation, and misinformation, our words are becoming somewhat powerless and confused.

This needs to change, and I believe it is.

Anyway. There is a simple ideology to take into mind.

Just let it be true.

That is all.


To Exist

To Be

Are they one in the same?

To be Alive

To be Living

What do they mean?

At what point do we see the unseen?

When do we wake up from the dream?

The material world is

The other worlds are to be

How do we create what has not been done?

Where do we see what has not begun?

The mind is the body

Body of what?

Reality, the creation of something obscure

The abstract of life we are here to endure

The choices we make, are they really ours?

Is the illusion we build perpetually true?

I hardly think I am any different from you

We merely perceive the world through a different hue